There are many things to consider when pairing wine and food. We are well known for our wine and cheese pairing, which have been individually selected to match each other. We prefer to source our cheese from local producers such as Dalewood Fromage.

One must consider the texture, saltiness and acidity of the cheese, when pairing. The tannins, acidity and body of the wine will determine what cheeses we have chosen to pair with them.

Our wines pair well with the following:
● Chenin Blanc paired with Feta
● Viognier paired with Feta or Boerenkaas
● Cinsaut with Gouda
● Shiraz with cheddar
● Cabernet Sauvignon with an aged cheddar
● Cabernet Franc with goat’s-milk cheese
● Malbec with Camembert
● Merlot with Camembert
● Sholto (Bordeaux style blend) with Huguenot
● The Mitre (Bordeaux style blend) with Huguenot


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