nvME 2018/19

Label Specification

Class of wine:
Wine of Origin:


A Number:

nvME Range
Simonsberg Paarl

Cabernet Sauvignon

13.5 %

Fermentation & Maturation Specifications

Primary Fermentation:
Pressing Method:
Secondary Fermentation:
Maturation Period:

Quantity for bottling:
Bottling Date:

Lola Nicholls
Open vat
Stainless steel basket press
Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tank
Barrel matured in 225 l barrels
12 – 14 months
Actual Alcohol – 13.85 %
Residual Sugar – 1.6 g/l
Volatile acidity – 0.54 g/l
pH – 3.54
Total acidity – 5.3 g/l
F SO2 Rip – 11 mg/l
T SO2 Rip – 80 mg/L

1553 l / 2070 bottles
5 March 2018

General Comments

Rich, velvety deep red garnet colour. Cassis with hints of black pepper and cigar box on the nose. Prominent blackberry with nuances of pine forest and cedar wood. A wonderful rounded mouth-feel. Can be served slightly chilled in summer for those who enjoy a slightly lighter red in the warmer months or perfect as is on those cold winter nights in front of the fireplace. Best enjoyed as an aperitif around a braai or with a good pepper fillet.

Vineyard Information

Total Vineyard Area:
Block number:
Year of Planting:
Soil types:
Farming methods:

General Manager:
Viticultural Consultant:
Vineyard Manager:

18 hectares
Merlot, Malbec, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon
All Richter 110, except for Malbec – Paulsen
ME02, ME09, ME01 & ME03
2002, 2003, 2001, 2002
Predominantly Oakleaf (Oa4, Oa2 and Oa3)
Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) as prescribed by the Wine and Spirit Board
Bernard Nicholls
Danie Kritzinger – Agrimotion
Bertus de Clerk

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